Localisation and Navigation using QR code for AGV robot

Several methods are known for providing accurate navigation indoor, such as a warehouse.
One of the most famous, popular and optimal ones is the QR code navigation.
We have implemented this method of navigation using several types of sensors with EKF and on Odometry only using own algorithms.

These methods are based on moving from QR to QR, located on the floor, and not on triangulation by QR located on the walls or ceiling.
Recently we found an article that costs 15 dollars and in which the type of navigation is not explicitly indicated either in the title or in the abstract.
In addition, in the description of the article it is indicated that there is some kind of open source software, which is described in the article – however, no links to this software were actually found in the article.
We believe that this is incorrect and misleading to the potential reader. Because there are a lot of articles and open source software on triangulation by QR code and aruco tags on the Internet in an open, free form.

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