Botshare carries out a full cycle of work on the research and development, pilot production and implementation of robotic systems for different areas like warehouse automation and logistics, agriculture, special purpose robotics, etc.
The Company offers to manufacturers a license to produce a complete full-fledged solution, including intelligent robots AGV, AMR, rack and conveyor equipment, order preparation systems with robot fleets, fully robotic logistics hubs that operate in three dimensions, using the latest technologies in the field of neural networks and artificial intelligence, computer vision, and autonomous navigation.

Botshare’s History

Botshare’s technology accumulation started in 2007 in Kharkiv National University of Radioelectronics, which is top 3 in Ukraine and is famous for its automation research. In 2013 Boteon Robotics was set up, then after successful exit founders decided to found Robotec in 2019 and later Botshare in 2021.
Our Team has 15+ years of experience in the development of innovative solutions. Continuously we are at the forefront of science and have permanent cooperation agreements with leading scientific universities in Europe and Israel.
Let’s dive into our history deeper.
Alex Reznichenko – an entrepreneur who has created a number of successful businesses. During entrepreneurship he supports social projects in education and technology to stimulate Ukraine’s progress and Global competitiveness.
His first robotics company Boteon Robotics with 30 educational centers in Ukraine and Israel was mainly engaged in IT education for adults and children. At the end of 2018, Alex Reznichenko, the founder and CEO, left the company, having sold his share to business partners. Now it’s “Center for Contemporary STEM Education “Boteon” and to this day it cultivates the inherent values, produces and implements robotics educational kits.
One of the fundamental enterprises of the group – RobotecUA is engaged in complex solutions of automation and robotization in the fields of agro-industrial complex and special-purpose robots. The agricultural robotic complex operates in a completely autonomous mode using AI-based computer vision technologies. And special-purpose robots are represented by the relatively new groundwork of fully autonomous robots for humanitarian demining with AI-based GPR vision.
In March 2022, the decision was made to create two separate companies. Agricultural project transformed to PAAWR, and the specialized robotics project for demining and EOD went on with the team joining Botshare.

Our mission:

Sharing robotics to unleash human resources for creativity and well-being.

Our vision

Our Team creating Innovations that matters to unleash human capabilities Globally;

Our motivated, talented and experienced Team of professionals will be recognised as the best in their field. Our sustained success will be built on full human involvement and widespread technology integration;

Believing in mutual responsibility and interdependence with Team and our Clients, we work efficiently and on time. Believing that we can reach the greatest heights together, we don’t settle for less than being the best;

Listening our customers, we offer products, services and innovative thinking that enable us to succeed together and build strong relationships;

Our curiosity, motivation and enthusiasm are contagious and spread both inside and outside the team, among our clients and their teams. We inspire people around to succeed;

Our work is an interesting and inspiring part of our life, we do not waste energy during work hours, we gain passion and can pass it on to our families and friends. We create a fuller and richer lifestyle around us;

We strive to maximise human potential and unleash our human capabilities to learn how to achieve a safer, better world and personal well-being.

Our values

Doing work:
  • Curiosity & Persistence;
  • Focus & Discipline;
  • Excellence & Pedantry;
  • Integrity & Accountability;
  • Fast & Sense of Urgency;
  • Think Company & Customer First;
  • Communicate clearly.
Creating innovations:
  • Think outside the box;
  • Challenge constructively;
  • Take risk;
  • Act before others do;
  • Accomplish and improve;
  • Great – it is just a first step;
  • Learn constantly.
Working with clients:
  • Fast is better than slow;
  • Customer orientation;
  • Results orientation;
  • Always deliver exceptional quality;
  • Reliability and timeliness are unaltered;
  • Act Win – Win;
  • Growth together;
  • Represent our values.
Working in the team:
  • Be Honest;
  • Be Reliable & Loyal;
  • Feel personal responsibility;
  • Learn from each other;
  • Be accountable;
  • Feel belonging;
  • Support ecology initiatives;
  • Support ethical initiatives;
  • Create a positive place to work.
  • Mission can only be possible through commercial success.
  • Vision is what leads us to success.
  • Values are something that we are not ready to sacrifice and what we are guided by on the way to success.

Mission can only be possible through commercial success.

Vision is what leads us to success.

Values are something that we are not ready to sacrifice and what we are guided by on the way to success. 


“We believe that the well-being of each person will lead us to a prosperous society, where each of us have the right to reveal and release intellectual and emotional potential, to be creative, to live a healthy and safe life.
Machines, automation, robots – are one of the most realistic and already realised ways to achieve this.
It looks like the new World Order, described in various narratives about various Utopias since the 16th century, stories about a robotic Paradise and experiments with basic income – are now becoming not so utopian and may become a new reality very soon.
Before we read about it – now we are directly involved in this transformation. Will see soon.”