Mobile robot using AI-based vision and disinfection module “Santec”

Solution will be deployable within a few months. It is being addressed to the problem identified by the healthcare community as a spread of the virus in contact with various surfaces. The virus can survive between 1 day to 7 days in different surfaces and environment, depending on the substrate (porous/non-porous; copper), suspending medium, concentration, […]

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роботи vs coronavirus

Mobile robots are so much in demand for these use cases right now—driven by a shift in understanding of what these platforms can do—that tech market advisory firm ABI Research expects the overall mobile robotics market to grow to $23 billion by 2021. “Crises shift perceptions on what is possible regarding investment and transformative action on the part of both private and government actors,” said Rian Whitton, senior analyst at ABI Research. “By the time the COVID-19 pandemic has passed, robots will be mainstreamed across a range of applications and markets.”

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ПИД регуляция amr diff drive

Прекрасная статья о теоретических основах ПИД управления. Изложено просто. В качестве примера приводится мобильная платформа с дифференциальным приводом. Один из примеров, приведенных в статье, чтобы читатель, сразу мог понять – стоит ли ему качать и читать приведенный ниже материал: Проблемы П-регулятора. Увы, это – особенность пропорционального управления. Систематические ошибки (рассогласование) никуда не денутся. Действительно, суть […]

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