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Botshare – sharing robotics

Executive summary

Marketing is one of the fundamental activities for the development of our Company. By the word marketing in this document, we mean any actions aimed at creating and promoting a product, developing sales and a brand, as well as activities to develop and maintain win-win relationships with a client.

Marketing and technology cannot exist without each other, marketing strongly influences the technologies used, product development, pricing, business model, customer relationships and brand perception.

When we talk about brand development or company development, we understand that marketing is applied in a broad sense when selling a brand, regardless of the product that stands behind it, when selling a product, when attracting investments and selling equity, and when promoting our mission, vision, values in order to find like-minded people in to the team.

Our mission is to make technology accessible to a society where people strive to develop more efficiently, engage in creative tasks and live healthier and happier lives. In fact, we are active participants in building this society and we influence globally.

Our tools to achieve our mission goals are the sharing economy, mutually beneficial cooperation, continuous development, automation inside and outside of our company, and the widespread use of artificial intelligence technologies.

We provide services through the cloud to be accessible, to learn faster and to have distributed access to data.

We are focused on rapid growth and scaling, we are committed to partnerships, we are aimed at continuous automation and digitalization of absolutely all processes in the company, so we can easily clone our business using a licensing or franchising model.

We started in 2021 with an understanding of the market, having gone through the stages from market research to creating products and a company in the field of robotics, however, in 2022, we pivoted and adjusted the business model.

We are a company in the field of robotics and artificial intelligence, operating on the basis of the Robotics as a Service business model. Our name is Botshare, our motto is sharing robotics.

In 2022, we registered a trademark and company in the European Union, which opens up great opportunities for us in the European market and neighboring countries.

We are confident that the next boom in demand for automation technologies will be in Eastern Europe, the Middle East and and will continue growth in Asia, and our technologies based on the sharing business model will be in the highest demand there.

Our end customers are small and medium-sized businesses seeking to automate their processes and become more competitive.

Our partners are entrepreneurs who follow the same principles and vision and are ready to work according to our business model, using and developing our technologies.

In 2023, we plan to actively participate in international exhibitions in selected regions, we plan to create several showrooms in our own offices and in partnership with our partners.

We share knowledge and technology, we attract people with openness, we are socially responsible, we build a sustainable company in accordance with the goals of the UN.

Main business model: 

RaaS – Robotics as a Service

Service for the end user:

– Easy remote implementation, service and maintenance;

– Visualisation, simulation and calculations for the proposed automation;

– AI based Analytics and resource optimization;

– Interoperability, easy integration with other robots and automatic systems.

Advantages for end user:

– Easy affordability;

– Fast implementation;

– Remote and cheaper implementation and maintenance;

– Interoperability;

– Visualisation of proposals for automation;

– AI-based analytics and resource optimization;

– Low and predictable ongoing cost;

– Flexibility and continuous innovation;

– Local service (franchise).


By franchising.

Benefits for franchisees:

– minimum investment;

– fast business start and market entry;

– profitable, growing market;

– other common franchise benefits.

Service for franchisees:

– Remote implementation, service and maintenance know-how;

– Modelling and visualisation of process automation;

– Customer relationship management system;

– Configuration and control of robots;

– Learning management systems;

– AI based Analytics and resource optimization.


– innovation know-how (remote implementation and maintenance);

– technological know-how (electronics, SaaS, chassis, mechatronics, design);

– operational know-how (ERP, CRM, internal LMS, business management system);

Sustainability based marketing strategy.

Product line: 

15 autonomous robot models (mostly based on AMR150/300);

Franchise line:

Up to 5 franchise packages (from service (franchise) to production (licensing)).

Mission statement

Our mission:

Sharing robotics to unleash human resources for creativity and well-being.

Our vision:

– Our Team creating Innovations that matters to unleash human capabilities Globally;
– Our motivated, talented and experienced Team of professionals will be recognised as the best in their field. Our sustained success will be built on full human involvement and widespread technology integration;
– Believing in mutual responsibility and interdependence with Team and our Clients, we work efficiently and on time. Believing that we can reach the greatest heights together, we don’t settle for less than being the best;
– Listening our customers, we offer products, services and innovative thinking that enable us to succeed together and build strong relationships;
– Our curiosity, motivation and enthusiasm are contagious and spread both inside and outside the team, among our clients and their teams. We inspire people around to succeed;
– Our work is an interesting and inspiring part of our life, we do not waste energy during work hours, we gain passion and can pass it on to our families and friends. We create a fuller and richer lifestyle around us;
– We strive to maximise human potential and unleash our human capabilities to learn how to achieve a safer, better world and personal well-being.

Our values

Doing work:
  • Curiosity & Persistence;
  • Focus & Discipline;
  • Excellence & Pedantry;
  • Integrity & Accountability;
  • Fast & Sense of Urgency;
  • Think Company & Customer First;
  • Communicate clearly.
Creating innovations:
  • Think outside the box;
  • Challenge constructively;
  • Take risk;
  • Act before others do;
  • Accomplish and improve;
  • Great – it is just a first step;
  • Learn constantly.
Working with clients:
  • Fast is better than slow;
  • Customer orientation;
  • Results orientation;
  • Always deliver exceptional quality;
  • Reliability and timeliness are unaltered;
  • Act Win – Win;
  • Growth together;
  • Represent our values.
Working in the team:
  • Be Honest;
  • Be Reliable & Loyal;
  • Feel personal responsibility;
  • Learn from each other;
  • Be accountable;
  • Feel belonging;
  • Support ecology initiatives;
  • Support ethical initiatives;
  • Create a positive place to work.
  • Mission can only be possible through commercial success.
  • Vision is what leads us to success.
  • Values are something that we are not ready to sacrifice and what we are guided by on the way to success. 

Marketing objectives

Our goals are to become a globally renowned company, the number one robot rental company in the world.

Our task in the coming year is to increase the credibility of our company and show our expertise. To do this, we are launching an information and training project on our blog, where we share information about how robots are created, how they are used and for what, what are the prospects for the industry, and more.

Brand awareness is also an important goal, especially in the selected regions of our strategic development.

The strategy of sustainable development and social responsibility are important goals for the further development of communication with our partners, employees, investors and customers.

In the near future, we would like our marketing to be based on the innovations that we create and open to the public, we strive to become a leader in the industry, setting trends.

We develop innovative technologies in the field of robotics, we share technologies, we attract strong partners and we are always ahead. Our developments are impressive and interesting not only for technical specialists, but for everyone – we are becoming an internationally famous brand that generates scientific and technological progress and improves the lives and work of millions of ordinary people.

To achieve high efficiency in promoting our products, services, our brand, as well as in attracting partners and employees, we carry out complex multi-channel marketing.

After analyzing the risks, opportunities, weaknesses and strengths, we see that the main opportunities are concentrated in the development of partnerships in all areas – component suppliers, manufacturing contractors, customers.

Partnerships will reduce financial costs and increase customer confidence, make a portfolio of work, references, gain experience and real market expertise.

Based on the analysis, it was decided to increase and diversify the number of new partnerships in all areas of our business, and special attention should be paid to developing the team and attracting experienced specialists in marketing and technology.

Market research

Robot as a Service (RaaS) is a cloud services unit that enables the seamless integration of robots and embedded devices into online and Cloud computing environments. Customers and robotic enterprises both gain from robots as a service. The key advantage of this technology is reduction of manual IT support while increasing the efficiency of robotic procedures.

RaaS allows companies to reap the benefits of process automation at low capital costs and the use of cloud-based AI services. For instance, Honda introduced a robot-as-a-service (RaaS) platform to provide SMEs and major enterprises with a varied variety of robots and cloud-based data services to allow data sharing, robotic cooperation, and communication.

RaaS professional applications include autonomous mobile robots (AMR), humanoid robots, inspection robots, autonomous underwater vehicles (AUVs), inspection robots, construction robots, telepresence robots, agricultural robots, remotely operated vehicles (ROVs).

The intralogistics AMR segment will be a significant contributor to market growth during the next decade. There is immense scope for the use of RaaS in intralogistics applications in the warehousing, retail, and healthcare sectors.

These robots are outfitted with cutting-edge technologies like artificial intelligence to improve their abilities in the logistics domain. Such robots are employed in the logistics sector for a variety of tasks, including handling, transportation, sorting, packaging, and delivery.

According to Facts and Factors, the Global Robot as a Service Market size is expected to surpass around USD 44 billion by 2028, expanding at a CAGR of 16.5% between 2022 and 2028.

Another report by Technavio states that robotics as a service market share is expected to increase by USD 1.23 billion from 2021 to 2026, and the market’s growth momentum will accelerate at a CAGR of 18.12%.


After analyzing the market indirectly and calculating the market share of RaaS from the total market share of mobile robots for the warehouse logistics market, we concluded that the share of RaaS revenue in the total AMR market is up to 10%, which corresponds to about 1 billion USD at the moment. The share of RaaS companies and their revenue will grow together with the growth of the AMR market and may reach $3 billion by 2026.

All sources and market reports agree on one thing – that the RaaS business model is the future of robotics in all areas of their application.

Market strategy

The strategy for the development of products and services for 2023 by Botshare implies the maximum development of partnerships in all areas, the openness of our plans, actions, technologies, knowledge and skills for sharing.

Product development partnerships involve extensive use of off-the-shelf solutions. Partnership with companies wishing to produce robots, provide services for the implementation of robots and automation, implies joint R&D projects, technology development.

Partnership with companies that plan to try to implement robots for the first time in their enterprises in order to automate processes – implies pilot projects, experiments and work on process optimization, production of custom solutions.

One of the fundamental milestones is the philosophy of sustainable development, eco-friendly products and processes. In this regard, we promote inside and outside the company the use of a minimum amount of construction materials, a decrease in the number of technological processes, the use of biodegradable plastic, the use of non-toxic types of batteries and the correct energy management in them, a meaningful approach to packaging, the correct processes management in production and in the operation of robots, minimization of logistics processes, proper centralized disposal of robots.

Botshare GotoMarket strategy for next year is to enter the market with a consulting proposal for the development of autonomous mobile robots.

Q1 2023 – launch of consulting services in the field of R&D, robot development, sourcing, mechanical parts and electronics production.

This is the first step in which we actively share technical information and advice on the development, production, operation and maintenance of mobile robots.

This activity will be presented in the form of 5 packages, differing in price and volume of consultations produced by the types of robots.

Q2 2023 Franchise and pre-sales of SMB automation franchise will be announced. In the same quarter – the opening of salons in Warsaw and Berlin.

We will introduce 5 different franchise packages that will allow potential franchisees to set up their own business in the field of automation services for small and medium-sized manufacturing enterprises already in the 3rd and 4th quarters.

Q3 2023 Adding a pilot cloud solution based on AWS to the existing offering. Launch of the first franchises in pilot mode using the RaaS model.

Q4 2023 will be the first release of a cloud-based solution for AI-based robot management, deployment, remote maintenance, and resource optimization. It is planned to pre-sale the Early birds packages for the first 15 B2B users until the end of 2023.

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